Money Management for your business
Automate repetitive tasks, maintain positive Cash Balance and Plan for the future.
All in one secure digital location.
Our team develops and programs in Germany.
Our servers are protected and hosted in the European Union
Puls is fully encrypted, and built on a zero-trust security model.
Approved by Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.
Why Puls ?
A technology-first approach to finance management
Start in minutes
Sign Up online and securely connect your bank accounts to Puls. All transactions and balances will automatically flow into Planer for you to start working with.
Get Your Money Organized
Connect as many accounts as you need. All transactions and balances will be updated automatically every day in your Planner. This will save you time and free from errors.
Benefit from full liquidity picture
You will get a real-time overview of all your company's finances, all in one screen. This will give you power to control your money and make fast and informed decisions.
You can connect to Puls more
than 3000 banks
We will help you
Cash Flow
See your cash balance now and far into the future, move your funds between accounts in real-time.
Because all money are held in one location, you can easily spot excess cash and use it to

• reinvest in the business,
• put some away for the future,
• allocate some to emergency funds,
• or use it for yourself.
No more forgotten or late payments — add all the future payments to the Planner: with or without details.
We will help you to fill in the details and remind you in advance to send the payment to the bank.
Move added Payments across the Planner and see how changing expected Payment date can affect your cash flow in real time.
Prevent Cash Gaps
Add all Expected payments as well as your own assumptions to the Planner.
Puls will track your current and scheduled transactions and show potential cash gaps so that you can take an action before it's too late.
We advise you always add your assumptions to Planner, even though the numbers you actually achieve are bound to be somewhat different.
Want to hire new employees? Take some money from the company or bring in investments?
Test before you make desicions — type your assumptions to the Planner and see whether you can afford it or not.
With all your data and insights in one place, you can see what’s working best and make more informed decisions.
Use the power of Open Banking
The security of your data is our highest priority. All data is encrypted and not available to anyone, not even for us.

Puls connects your accounts through Open Banking — Europe initiative launched in June 2017 with the aim of fostering innovation.
Ready to try?
Build for Business owners,
not financial experts
Real-time mobile notifications
Receive instant push notifications about your transactions for all connected accounts.
Open Day or Night
Speak to us, real Germany based humans. We are here for you 24/7.
You can do it
Puls require no additional knowledge or infrastructure.
Our Highest Security & Privacy
PULS  is protected by the most advanced authentication mechanism and has no access to your online banking credentials. They are encrypted at least twice, using SSL.
Your data is encrypted and stored in a data center in Germany to the highest safety standards (ISO 27001).
You can disconnect your bank account or revoke your GDPR consent to transmit and access data at any time from PULS.
You alone decide what happens with your data. We will support you and protect your data. You can delete all your data with one click “Delete”.