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Germany is Europe’s oft-overlooked fintech hub, left in the shadow of its UK neighbour.But it has a thriving scene and some mega-success stories. Germany ranked second for venture funding into fintech in Europe last year (mainly because of investment from foreign funds).
At least 41 German banks charging its retail clients a destructive rate of interest by now. ECB has minimized the deposit fee to a record low (-0.5%) and banks should deal with that. Such coverage was firstly launched in 2014 and according
German startups raised a record 6.2 billion euros ($6.9 billion) in financing in 2019, up by more than a third on the previous year and with more than half flowing to the booming capital of Berlin.

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We take a look at the rapidly growing challenger bank sector, courtesy of FT Partners' new reportChallenger banks are, as their name suggest, rising to the ascendency in the financial services industry.
Anna Maj, Fintech Leader at PwC: Open Banking is about connecting the dots in terms of integrating different verticals and sectors
Expanding into the US is the hallmark of a truly global company. Even with creeping competition from China, the land of the free continues to hold an unparalleled status for European startups.
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